3 Digital Marketing Tactics What Every Entrepreneur Must Do To Sell More

Andrés Sampayo

I know many marketing tactics but these 3 always work for any type of business, if you want to increase sales. 

  1. Search campaign on Google: The advantage of the search engine is that people are searching out of necessity at the moment, if your ads appear to this person it is more effective for them to buy. 
  1. Facebook ADS conversion campaigns: If you have an ecommerce you have to try this campaign because it brings you audiences that are used to buy on social networks and tells you when they actually bought. 
  1. Direct messages on Instagram: If you don't have a website, Instagram will help you a lot to get your first sales off the ground by setting up a direct message campaign. 

Do you want me to help you with this type of campaign? Write me and tell me which campaign you want to start implementing.

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Andrés Sampayo

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